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Privacy Policy

TRANSFER IN CRETE collects only the absolutely necessary data you enter in our Contact form in order to answer your requests/ questions.
For more information regarding the processing of your personal data and your rights, read the Privacy Policy.
TRANSFER IN CRETE and / or its affiliates will process the personal data you have entered only for the exact purposes you have submitted them and will retain them in accordance with the legislation in force.

The website, as most websites, uses small text files called cookies, that help us improve your experience on our website. Our website includes the following information about cookies:
- What are cookies and what do they do?
- What kinds of cookies does use and how?
- Disabling cookies on your browser
- Useful links for cookies

If you don't find all the information you want on this website, you can contact us by sending an email to the following address: We will be pleased to answer your questions.
Access to the website implies your full acceptance of the use of cookies as it is described in this Cookie Policy.
If you do not agree with the way we use cookies, you can configure your browser settings or not access
If you disable the cookies we use, this may affect your experience while browsing our website.

1. What are cookies and what do they do?
Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer, tablet, mobile phone and any other device used for browsing
Every cookie includes information such as the name of the website the cookie was sent from, the "lifetime" of the cookie (that is the duration of storing the data on your device), and a value, which usually is a random number.
Typically, cookies permit websites to store anonymous information such as the user’s preferences or if the user has visited the website before.
Cookies used on the web pages of , help us improve the users’ browsing, arrange content to match the users preferred interests and needs and keep the site easy to use and functional. For instance, when visiting an open for comments website, a cookie helps the user to link to the feedback form.
Furthermore, cookies are used to collect anonymous statistics about site usage and what terms you search for in order to find our web pages. These statistics help us understand how you use our website so as to make improvements to its structure and content.
In any case, we can not personally identify individual visitors by cookies. Cookies are stored exclusively on your own device (personal computer, tablet, mobile phone) and does not maintain any file or database with your personal data.

2. How cookies are used in
When you visit a web page, the following types of cookies can be created:
- Cookies to improve site performance
- Cookies for anonymous traffic statistics
- Cookies for Google Analytics advertising services
- Advertisment Cookies
- Other cookies from third parties
Detailed information on each type of cookies is provided below.

3. What are your rights?
You have the following rights at any time:
- Access your Data
- Rectify or Delete your data
- Transfer your data
- Request the limitation of your data processing
- Object to the use of your data
- Withdraw your consent to the use of some or all of the cookies and consequently your data processing.

In order to exercise the aforementioned rights you can submit your request to If you believe that processing of your personal data violates the data protection legislation, you are entitled to file a complaint with Data Protection Authority (Address: Leoforos Kifisias 1-3, Athina 115 23, Phone: 2106475600, Email:
If you have any question regarding your personal data processing and the exercise of your rights, you can contact the TRANSFERINCRETE.GR’ s Data Protection Officer (DPO) via email: or via the following postal address:

Mr Vassalos Konstantinos
Alfa Mylopotamou, 740 52 Perama
Crete, Greece

Α. Preferences Cookies (improve site performance)
This kind of cookies stores your preferences regarding the tools provided by our site. For example:
- Record if JavaScript is running on your Browser
- Automatically reconnect with the feedback form, in case you have logged in to your previous visit.
- Preferred classification of comments.
- Audio volume when playing audio/ video.

Β. Analytics Cookies (anonymous statistics)
Whenever you visit TRANSFERINCRETE.GR web pages a set of cookies is gathered for visiting statistics reasons without personally identifying individual visitors. These cookies are placed by third party services such as Goggle Analytics and help us know:

- If you have visited our site before.
- The unique number of our visitors and the frequency of visiting our site.
- The views of our individual web pages and our published articles.
- Traffic sources, meaning if our users find us through links from other sites, social networks, ad campaigns, browsers (Google, Bing) or visit directly TRANSFERINCRETE.GR

C. Google Analytics Advertising Functions
TRANSFERINCRETE.GR has enabled the following advertising features in Google Analytics, that provide us anonymous traffic statistics:
- Remarketing with Google Analytics
- View reports on Google display Network
- View anonymous demographic reports and interest data, such as age and gender so as to better understand who our visitors are.
- Embedded services requiring Google Analytics to collect data through ad cookies and anonymous identifiers.
- These services allow Google Analytics to collect data about your visiting preferences through Google ad cookies ( and anonymous identifiers ( , in addition to data collected through the basic Google Analytics app.
Under no circumstances we allow your personal identification.
If you wish, you can opt out of the Google Analytics ad features. See the available optout options from Google Analytics ad features for your browser here: .

D. Ad Cookies
These cookies allow us to know (we or our affiliates advertising agencies) whether you have already seen an advertisement or a type of advertisement and when. We may also
use cookies from third parties to specify more accurately the ads you see (more relevant ads).
A large amount of the ads displayed on TRANSFERINCRETE.GR are provided by other advertising agencies or organizations (third-party cookies). Some of these companies have their own anonymous cookies so as to know how many users have seen their ad and how many times.
These companies have their own Cookie and Privacy Policies and TRANSFERINCRETE.GR has absolutely no control over their cookies. For example, for Google ads and how cookies are used by Google, you can find the User Policy here: and for Privacy Policy here:

Exclusion from Ads
If you wish, you can manage Google ads seen on TRANSFERINCRETE.GR and other websites on the Ad Settings page: On the same page you can also opt out of interest-based ads.
You can also manage cookies of many companies used for online advertising on the web pages “ choices“ ( for the USA region, or “Your Online Choices” ( for the European Union.

Ε. Third-party Cookies
While browsing our web pages, third-party organizations and companies may place their own anonymous cookies in order to check the functionality of their apps and personalize them for you.
For instance, when you share one of our articles with social networking services we offer (i.e. Facebook or Twitter) while browsing TRANSFERINCRETE.GR, these social network services set cookies to remember your web browsing activity.
Due to the nature of cookies, TRANSFERINCRETE.GR has no control or access to thirdparty cookies, and no other organization can access the data stored in them. Third-party companies and organizations have their own Cookie and Privacy Policies. For example,
for Facebook third-party cookies User Policy you can find information here: 
Also, while browsing TRANSFERINCRETE.GR Flash cookies may be created. This software is usually installed in your browser as an extension and it is used to view animation and video. For example, TRANSFERINCRETE.GR uses Flash technologies for its videos, while Flash can be contained in some ads. For this reason, cookies may be stored in your browser by the Flash app. You can read the Cookies Policy of the Adobe Company that manufactures Flash on the Web site: 

4. Disabling cookies in your browser
Typically, all Browsers are configured to accept all cookies. If you wish, you can set your own browser not to accept cookies from a specific site, to alert when storing cookies or not accepting any cookies at all.
However, if you choose to disable cookies for TRANSFERINCRETE.GR it may not be able for us to provide you with all the services offered on our website.
To find out more about cookies settings for different browsers, see the following links. You can also click on “Help” on your browser or refer to the program information.
- Internet Explorer
- Google Chrome
- Safari
- Firefox
- Opera

5. Useful links for cookies
Google Ad Settings:
Managing advertising agencies cookies in the USA: 
Managing advertising agencies cookies in the EU: 
All About Cookies – (in English).

6. Update and Change the Cookie Policy
We reserve the right to make any changes and corrections to this Cookie Policy. Please refer to the website at regular intervals to check current and new, additional information.
Effective since: 09/01/2019.
The date the last changes were published will be indicated. Valid is the most recent Cookie Policy, as changes will take effect with their publication on the website.

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